Introducing Gamos Crete

Hi, It’s so great to meet you!

Thank you by scrolling through the website and have a look at the person behind the scenes. My name is Margreet, wedding planner in Greece with a Dutch origin and since 15 years full in love with Greece.

Living and working in Crete for quite some years, made me realise I wanted to connect people with this island full of secrets. Settled in 2011, with a great passion for styling and designing I started to organise weddings with success. Behind Gamos Crete I work with a team of professionals all dedicated to give you the best products and service to create the perfect wedding.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

Crete has unique locations and surroundings that I still explore day after day. I have done wedding planning for couples from all over Europe, USA and Australia. Connecting, communicating and guiding every wedding couple through the planning process and during the magical wedding day is for me a way to fulfil my ambition. I can truly say I have found my life goal.

My approach

I strongly believe that every couples’ love story is unique and so are the details for each wedding. I have never seen two weddings the same, therefore every wedding is tailor made to fit your budget, requirements and your vision.

The most important during the wedding process is to keep all things simple and clear. Previous couples told me that I am ‘easy’ to work with. Fun in the planning, direct communication, easy timelines and above all…. stress free so you can enjoy to the fullest your wedding day.

Margreet Riemeijer

Organised, spontaneous, warm, enthusiastic and highly skilled at logistics & professionally trained in event planning.

5 Little Known Things About Me:
  • Reading books about the Universe and try to upgrade my thinking to world vision 2.0
  • Fond of listening to classical music with a good glass of wine
  • Have to make fun of myself now and then….
  • Love to be in the sunshine, which gives me wrinkles
  • A bit of a control freak!