Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence in the Wedding Industry

LTG selects wedding planning organisations over the course of each year and chooses winners for different regions in the world.

The Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards is a celebration for event organisers, venue managers, suppliers and specialists that have created a perfect and memorable day for couples around the world.

“We are pleased to announce you have been nominated as a potential
winner in the 2018 Wedding & Event Specialist Awards.”

It started with the announcement that Gamos Crete was nominated to compete for the winner in its category. We were requested to fill out an extensive questionnaire and describe in detail what we consider to be the outstanding points of the service Gamos Crete offers.

We completed the questionnaire supported with documents and photos about our weddings.

Additional information was requested relating to our innovative service
currently being developed or released.

Please find our answers below;

“We believe that the innovative part of our service in the wedding business, is the implementation of a quality approach throughout all our processes. If you look to the industry, either manufacturing or service aimed, they all have or require to have a proven quality system in place. Why? To assure that the customer receives the product or service as advertised.“

“To implement a solid quality system, Gamos Crete added a quality manager to its team that has more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry. Releasing aircraft components back to service requires a proven quality system. This same knowledge is no used to assure that we meet customer expectations during their wedding.”


 “Ones the system is in place we aim for an certification to prove that we meet the ISO 9001 requirements. Our customers around the world are knowledgeable about ISO, mostly through their jobs and by that appreciate our approach.”


Please read more about the Gamos Crete quality approach in this blog………

Gamos Crete received the news that it was now in the short listing stage.

We received this message by email along with the 2018 Luxury Travel Guide Wedding Awards shortlisted logo.
Additional information was needed which we sent to LTG the same day.

Good news, Gamos Crete is awarded the
Beach Wedding Company of the year 2018

The good news was brought to us by a phone call, preceded by an email from LTG that they made the final decision and had some fantastic news for us. And indeed, that was fantastic news.


Although being a young organisation, LTG takes into account that an organisation must show that it’s innovative and provides an unique service. We also had to answer the question; “what do you consider to be the outstanding point of the product/servive you offer?”

Please find our answer to the question below..

“It’s all about quality. Gamos Crete embraced the ISO 9001 quality system to assure that customer expectations are met and are converted into customer satisfaction.  But it’s not only the satisfaction that counts. The process approach assures for better costs control over the budged.

 Organizing wedding also means, dealing with subcontractors. The ISO 9001 quality system provides for excellent tools to monitor the selected subcontractors.”

It’s our objective not to see this award as a achievement, but as an encouragement to improve the service already provided.

Team Gamos Crete.

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