Orchestrating a wedding is not a simple task. Aside from the venue, that stunning dress you need to hunt down and your guest list, perhaps the most important element of your wedding is stationery. Your invitations and other mailed materials are not only your chance to make a great first impression on your guests, but it is also the keepsake that is most often saved by guests to recount your big affair.

Below are some tips to help you when putting together your wedding stationery.

Things To Include:

Wedding Announcements/Save the Date Cards

Sending out a wedding announcement letting your guests know of your wedding date and location is the first step in getting an idea of how many guests will be attending. Though you want your stationery to be consistent, it is sometimes a good idea to avoid excessive decoration on these initial mailings. Things like envelope liners and seals can usually be reserved for your wedding invitations. This is a good way to save a bit overall.

Wedding Invitations

Being the centrepiece of your wedding stationery, your invitation is where you will likely want to spend the bulk of your budget and pay close attention to detail. Wedding invitations are your opportunity to let your guests know how formal (or informal) your big day will be and are an important element in setting the overall tone for your entire wedding. As mentioned above, this is also the item of wedding stationery most guests will save in order to remember your big day, so take time to make sure you are making the impression that you want. Envelope liners, envelope seals, ribbon, floral accents, and multi-layered designs are a few things to consider.

Reception Cards/Directions

These items should be included with your wedding invitations, and though you want them to be consistent with the style of your stationery, single sheet cards with little to no adornments are the way to go. It is important that your directions to the wedding/reception are printed clearly. Poor printing quality leads to directions that are hard to read, and you don’t want your guests to get lost…

Menus and Table Cards

These reception and dinner items should also match the overall theme of your wedding stationery. Table cards can usually be made with a single folded card and nothing too fancy. Something to consider with menus is a two-layer design that matches your invitations. This is an easy way to add consistency since most guests will not bring their invitations with them.

The Little Things

There are many details that you can include that can make sure your wedding stationery is as perfect as your event. Paying attention to the following list of things can go a long way in adding additional quality and a lasting impression to your big day:

● Return Postage – Make sure you include return envelopes and postage. Making your guests pay for a stamp is poor etiquette and should be avoided at all costs.
● Use Calligraphy Fonts – When printing the text for your stationery, a calligraphy (cursive) font style is highly recommended to add elegance.
● Your Requests – If you prefer not to have children at your ceremony, make sure to let your guests know. Be as clear as you can here to avoid any confusion.
● Envelope Seals – Adding these to the envelopes adds a high degree of quality for a minimal extra cost. Wax seals and paper seals work equally as well here.

There are many additional details that can be added and addressed when it comes to your wedding stationery, but the things outlined above should give you a nice set of guidelines to follow. It is important to always remember that unique wedding invitations and stationery are an important part of defining the quality and tone of your wedding. When done right, you can make your event an even bigger success.

Need help creating the perfect wedding stationery for your big day?

As one of the best wedding planners in Crete, we work with professional suppliers to help you create premium quality wedding stationery that will always make the right first impression. No matter what theme you have set for your wedding, we can customize your stationery with the right typeface, colour, texture, and layout to complement your big day’s tone and style. Classic, contemporary, floral, embossed, or layered? We’ve got you covered and we are thrilled to guide you.

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